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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    Bas said:
    CKurt said:

    Give them some slack? Why? They've had all the slack they could have asked for. They've had years to look at what the competition was doing and where they were dropping the ball, and subsequently act upon it. This whole "Doing the bare minimum is good enough because it's a 1.0 release" mentality is horribly frustrating.


    As for the platform, the fact that there aren't even any pivot or panorama controls - staples of the metro experience - is just pathetic. Why does this have to come down to some hobbyist on codeplex instead of just offering a native, supported control that's 100% consistent with the ones in the built-in apps? They hammer upon the greatness of the metro experience and then don't even provide people with the tools to actually create applications with a consistent UX? Inexcusable. So much for a great development platform.

    There has been an official announcement that a Pivot and Panorama control will be released in a few weeks.


    Of course we all appreciate the time and energy Microsoft puts into making WP7 a worthy development platform, but on the other hand it's easy to get jealous about iOS and Android, since they are already established and a couple of iterations ahead. I really hope the pace of updates to WP7 is kept up and we see regular new releases like with Silverlight. I guess everybody agrees that there is only one chance to do it right. And I really would hate to switch to Java and/or Objective-C Sad