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View Thread: Disappointed about WP7 APIs
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    JoshRoss said:
    PaoloM said:

    My point exactly! There is no need for any of this confusion. It is marketing gone wild! Which coincidentally, sounds more fun that it actually turns out to be. I would love to have the job of the guy, gal, or committee, that names products. Just give me the $125k or so a year and I will randomly append technobabble together, and prefix it with Windows and suffix it with a bigger integer than some other product that I have recently named. How does Windows Embedded Lite for Small Handheld Kitchen Appliances 6.9.2 sound? If you buy it now, I'll throw in this nut chopper, a $39 value, yours for absolutely free, just pay shipping and handling charges.



    I concur on the confusion.