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View Thread: Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade rights until 2020
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    Heywood_J said:
    W3bbo said:
    There won't be an SP4 because there's no real point. You're just confusing it with some kind of update rollup, which I do expect us to see some time in the coming year or so.

    Forgive my ignorance -- what is the difference between a Service Pack and an Update Rollup?  If there was an SP4,  wouldn't it just be a collection of all the updates that were put out after SP3 up to the present?



    Service Packs include all previous updates as well as often (but not always) featuring some kind of behavioural change to Windows (which is why you often see software requiring a specific SP level, as was especially the case with NT SP4 and SP6).


    Update Rollups are just consolidated installers.


    So a hypothetical UR for Windows XP would require you to:


    * Install Windows XP

    * Install SP3

    * Install UR


    as opposed to a hypothetical SP4:


    * Install Windows XP

    * Install SP4


    Guess which one requires a lot more development work and testing?