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View Thread: Microsoft extends Windows XP downgrade rights until 2020
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    W3bbo said:
    Heywood_J said:

    Service Packs include all previous updates as well as often (but not always) featuring some kind of behavioural change to Windows (which is why you often see software requiring a specific SP level, as was especially the case with NT SP4 and SP6).


    Update Rollups are just consolidated installers.


    So a hypothetical UR for Windows XP would require you to:


    * Install Windows XP

    * Install SP3

    * Install UR


    as opposed to a hypothetical SP4:


    * Install Windows XP

    * Install SP4


    Guess which one requires a lot more development work and testing?


    But that's not entirely true.

    I just installed a XP machine a week a go and I forgot my CD of XP with SP3, since I had the CD for SP3  I decided to install an old copy (no SP) and then install SP3, guess what, SP3 requires SP1, in the end I waste some time downloading the  damn thing anyway.


    Juan Zamudio