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View Thread: When did Office 2010 come out?
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    W3bbo said:
    Shining Arcanine said:

    Microsoft doesn't give Office free to students anywhere, the best you can hope for is a nice discount only if your university has arranged it already.


    You can get Office Visio and Project on MSDN-AA, however.

    I think a few universities in Hong Kong has made agreement with Microsoft here, so that they can pay an annual fee to allow all of their students and staffs download and use MS Office without paying additional charge.


    The fee is included in the tutition fees and you have to pay it whether you already own legal copy of MS Office or not. My classmates used to call it "Microsoft Tax" although it actually mean another thing.


    Regarding MS Visio and Project, it always make me wonder why my MSDN Professional subscription doesn't include MS Project if it can include Visio. Doesn't MS Project look more like a development related application than Visio (which you can use to draw floor plans and more)?