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View Thread: How I downloaded and installed FxCop.
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    Sven Groot said:


    Not that it makes your journey any less rediculous, but it does actually say that on the same webpage where you download the text file. In a way that's even more rediculous: it's a download page for a text file whose contents are actually also on that very same page.


    And the jump in version number is probably to equalize it with Visual Studio.


    But why on earth you can't download the installer separate from the Windows SDK, I have no idea.

    It's the same with the other tools: WinDiff, UI Spy, etc... they're all only available as part of the multi-gigabyte SDK download.


    Weirdness: the IA-64 compiler is only included in the expensive versions of VS, yet is included for free with the Windows SDK.