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View Thread: How I downloaded and installed FxCop.
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    W3bbo said:
    Sven Groot said:

    It's the same with the other tools: WinDiff, UI Spy, etc... they're all only available as part of the multi-gigabyte SDK download.


    Weirdness: the IA-64 compiler is only included in the expensive versions of VS, yet is included for free with the Windows SDK.

    To be fair, the SDK installer was only a few megs and once all the options except for 'tools' were disabled, the download itself was only 80 megs or so. But yeah, why they only come as part of the SDK is a mystery.


    And Sven: you're right, that's even crazier than I realized.


    Blowdart: thanks! I wonder what they'll say.