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    BitFlipper said:
    ryanb said:

    True, but I think there are a lot of consumers that are somewhat computer savvy that would still like the simplified UI, while still having the ability to switch to a more traditional OS.


    For argument sake, let's call the UI framework I'm talking about "Windows Tablet 7", or WT7. Then what you can buy is a tablet that runs "Windows 7 + WT7". On the other hand, there could be more light-weight tablets that contain the minimum software to run the framework, and in that case it is simply called "WT7", with no way to switch out of it.

    Speaking of that, what is the minimum level of support that you'd need/want for WT7?


    Assuming WT7 is based on Silverlight and XNA, .NET 4.0 and DX11 would be required, but what about everything else? Explorer? Services?


    What could be *cut out* of Windows 7 and still provide a decent platform for WT7?