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    Much has been made about the iPad vs a tablet that uses a full-blown desktop OS like Windows 7. Seems people do want a simplified UI, yet many people still want a tablet that has an OS that can run non-tablet software. I was wondering, why not the best of both worlds...?


    Basically, what I am thinking is that MS should create a Silverlight+XNA front-end UI that will be the main UI for a tablet. It will ship with this UI enabled out of the box. This will act very much like the iPad does right now. Simple navigation, simple app install/remove, etc. Something non-computer savvy people would be comfortable with. Basically a pad-ified version of the WP7 UI. It should also be able to run all WP7 apps. This also has the great advantage that developers can use the toolset that is currently used for creating WP7 apps.


    Then, as a bonus, there is an "app" with the name "Windows 7" (or whatever). This minimizes the front-end UI and puts you back into Windows 7. Now you can run any and all of your traditional Windows apps, games, etc. There has to be a simple way to get back to the front-end UI again, maybe via a dedicated hardware button that switches between the two.


    The only thing is that they have to retain IMO is stylus functionality (in addition to having good multitouch functionality), because I think this is an advantage over an iPad. There are certain types of operations you can't do on an iPad, like drawing sketches of ideas, taking hand-written notes, etc. I do these things a lot on my current tablet.


    If some people don't care about having a full blown OS (or are intimidated by it), then they never have to switch to the Windows 7 UI at all.


    What do other people think about something like this?