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    Hey guys I'm still around just not as often as I would like!


    I've gone through some big changes in my personal life and the projects I've been working on have been business related. All this has swung me away from tech ... now I'm swinging back as I love technology and Microsoft is cutting edge as always!


    So what have a found out in the last 18 months?


    Well Apple and Twitter aren't doing technology any real good. It's all abit too dumbed down. Too much control is given away, we are mainlining unfiltered celeb driven media and lock-in reigns. I really don't like it! These trends have gone too far. It's high time to redress the balance.


    Now I don't give a monkeys about phones! ... or web GUI technologies. For me, it's all about Data. Whether in a database, in the Cloud, ETL'ed, WS-I'ed, RESTed or ESB'ed .... it's all about the data baby and always will be! Now I'm working a project that will give my company it's first SQL Server FastTrack system! Stuff the iPhone, this is great tech!!!! It's my thing and I love it! Love it ! Love it!


    So cheer up people, the tech recovery starts here!


    As for my friends in Microsoft. Windows and Office cash-cows are over. Lack of confidence and too much control will cripple Microsoft. It's not about the man in the street, they are too fickle to bet on, go after business their needs are more predictable and once again create an environment where innovaton rules supreme, 'so much more still to invent' such be the mantra.


    As for Open Source, well may as well fully embrace it. It's a battle of hearts and minds out there and it will make it easy to like Microsoft once again which is just half the battle. May as well give it away and charge for support than make no sales at all. But trust me, only a handful will look at the code, people will still buy the shinny box ... they can't help it, most people just aren't techies, this is what Linux didn't counter and why it never took off.


    I only do FB, because my friends are on there but it sucks bad. I wish I could say so much more on it but I know if I do someone will read it and parcel it up with a pretty bow and sell it. I did an experiment on FB, I bought a pay as you go phone and published the number in a status update ... it was 4 hours before I got a cold call on that new number! So say nothing on FB just say Hi and what pub to meet them at. There is no trusting FB.


    Anyway nice to be back .... lets crack on !!!!!!! .... we have some stunning tech to think of .....