Hi guys,

I'm creating this topic, not to flame about silverlight/wpf, but to get some ideas, why the property naming in Silverlight and probably WPF is different than in .net and WinForms.

I really like what Silverlight enables .net devs to quickly write web apps (relative to HTML+JS+CSS junk), but the naming just freaks me out.

For example:

IsEnabled when in Winforms you have Enabled.

HasCloseButton  when in WinForms ControlBox / MaximumBox / MinimumBox

IsTabStop, TabIndex  instead of TabStop, TabIndex. In Silverlight they are not bundled together. On WinForms they are next to each other on PropertyGrid.

Content / Header / Text/ instead of Text.

And Grid.Column / Grid.RowSpan / Grid. etc/ that really bugs me.


This really reminds me of good old VB6 days, when you had Caption / Text / Title  on different controls.

Do you have any clue, why?