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Mono hits pre-Beta 1

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    I don't know if anyone here keeps tabs on the project, but the Mono guys have released a pre-Beta 1 version of Mono. One of the Other CLR projects out there.

    Pretty big news. and now they've added a GAC to the mix. CAS won't be ready for v 1.0, but someone is working on that as a research project.

    Pretty interesting...

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    Anyway,  just wondering if anyone else kept tabs on this too.

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    Yeah, I'm already looking at using their C# to make a Basic .Net compiler Big Smile

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    I definately keep tabs on this. For me as a developer, it opens up a whole new set of customers that can use my software (even though I don't charge for it). I am a big believer in .NET, and having it run on other platforms is key. I don't think windows will ever be replaced though, as it will always be ahead of the game.. the other os' *cough*nix*cough* are only starting to get major functionality because of corporate backing - novell, ibm, etc. See? Open source is good, yes. but you need corporations to support it. duh. and when they develop new software, it won't be open source (cuz they want to sell it and make money).. thus defeating the purpose.. however have an open OPERATING SYSTEM is definately worth it. It is a comodity, and opens up the possibilities for software vendors to do what they want.. considering with MS software, they used unpublished api's to develop software.. no one else knows about them and now they're in trouble. The software business should not be about the OS we run the software on, but rather the software ITSELF. As for ASP.NET on mono (if it doesn't run into patent problems), it would definately be cool to have our solution run on it. But no biggy, MS' implementation on windows is quite rock solid imho, especially when yer just using .NET and SQL Server. mm. (standard note begging for carraige returns to work when posting in non-IE browsers)

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