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View Thread: VS 2010 SP1 availability?
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    vesuvius said:
    figuerres said:

    It is very much a benifits against hinderance thing. If you are going to install something that inspects all you code, all the time, then you are going to take a performance hit, but the benefits for me, far outweigh a slightly sluggish UI. If you have issues with resharper, then you can turn code inspection off, and run it once a week.


    I know one of my devs does not use resharper and even he is experiencing crashes on XP. Unfortunately the place I work for has a policy of wiping windows 7 off, and replacing it with XP, that is their policy Sad

    well as for the xp thing i would ask them to let a few machines run 7 and see how it goes.

    i would point out that xp is very much an "End of life" OS and that 7 has the xp-mode VPC option for old apps.

    note that in the first release the vpc / xp-mode had a hardware requirement that was later removed.

    the cpu support for virtualization - ms required that then heard that way to many folks could not use xp-mode and they updated the software to not make the cpu support a requirement.


    in my exp 7 does not crash the way xp can....