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    daSmirnov said:
    CreamFilling512 said:

    In Britain we get Sky, (pay for satellite TV for those not in the know), but we still need to pay extra to get it on the Xbox 360, even if we have a Sky subscription.


    I'd much rather have BBC iPlayer on the Xbox 360.  Luckily both the Wii and PS3 support it instead.  But it's still annoying to turn the PS3 on just to stream some TV off iPlayer when the Xbox is used for everything else including Media Center and recorded TV.

    I seem to remember there were rumors of this and that the BBC said no because Microsoft wanted to develop a custom UI to fit in with the Xbox. I don't know if there's any truth in this though.


    Are there apps for the ps3 & wii now or is it still through the browser?