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    ZippyV said:
    rhm said:

    That's because they don't have to translate them. I've never seen a Microsoft commercial in my life.

    Well they do translate it, it's clearly brittish english and not dubbed. But one does think. Maybee the bosses at Microsoft only speak english and understand english countries? Tongue Out


    Microsoft doesn't spend any money on development or marketing in Europe.


    And it's a shame! A real real shame! There is some marketing going on inside schools and on nerdy events and such. But no television , movie, supermarket marketing at all! It's a shame, and they should do something about it.


    If Microsoft would have a developer office in europe working closely with european costumers. I would love to be a developper/tester there! That's why people love to work for microsoft. Most say "It's because of the impact you might have on the world because you are working on products everybody uses" , but for many products the world is the US from there point of view.