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Screenshots of Windows Forms 2.0

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    Today from Chris Sell's Spoutlet we find that the Windows Forms team has posted some sweet screenshots and overviews of the major new features in Windows Forms 2.0, including two Chris hadn't heard about before:

    This is in additional to all of the other cool stuff, like a .NET WebBrowser wrapper, the new DataGridView, the strip controls, even more flexible layout, ClickOnce deployment (Chris's personal favorite) and more.

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    Nice to see some really useful controls are now baked into the Framework.  The only concern i have is why didn't Microsoft include controls like the MaskedEditBox into v1.0 or v1.1 of the Framework?

    The other controls are really cool.  Very Office 2003ish.

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    I am LOVING it. Finally, a truly usable framework for making quite complex applications. MFC was half-baked at best, and only catered to the simple application building. Making complex apps could be done, but needed OODLES of code! My only question though, does the new toolbar/menubar functionality (VERY cool and wonderful, btw!) include the user-drag/drop functionality for placing them on the window? If not, no biggie, but I know this is one thing that a LOT of developers would just drool over (myself included) considering it has been part of MFC for a long while.. However, come to think about it, it is not really as big of a deal as developers make it out to be... (: Dockable controls would be cool though (to be built in), like the Magic Library.. ( Cheers, Curtis. (please, make the carraige returns 'stick' when using non-IE browsers to post! ugh)

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    Looks really cool guys, except "Microsoft" is spelled wrong in the URL of the Web Browser component graphic.Tongue Out

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    Look at that gorgeous ClickOnce publishing wizard!

    I'd sure like to meet the developer who works on that! Wink

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    That's cool and interesting. I like the web browser control and the strip controls very much.
    Well done!

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