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View Thread: So I decided I want a tablet
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    ManipUni said:

    Each to their own. After using an MS Tablet to try and take notes, I wouldn't buy one for that reason. I cannot point out exactly what is wrong with taking notes on a tablet, but it certainly isn't as good as paper or a whiteboard.


    Best use of a tablet I've seen, is a laptop that just "happened" to be a tablet too, meaning you can lift the screen off. Great if you need to show someone something or just want to watch a movie.

    Yeah, I don't object to having a keyboard, just don't see it as essential as long as I have BT or USB.


    That kinda sucks, because OneNote is the best note-taking tool I've found, and I've been getting into the higher maths, chemistry, quantum what-not, etc lately. Input for those topics isn't really keyboard-friendly.  Which also sucks, because I'm a keyboard-centric kinda guy.