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    Bas said:
    W3bbo said:

    With laptops, I find lugging around, finding space for and plugging/unplugging a mouse to be a huge hassle. A wacom would be even worse. Also you can write with one hand which is infinitely better than typing with one hand. When doing research that's a big plus.


    I'd say get one of those tablet EEE PC's. They're under $1K, have USB and bluetooth, and run full Windows 7. I have no idea how accurate they are though.

    I have a 1.5-2.5 hour bus/train commute each way to/from work every day, so I'd love a tablet or convertible netbook to write down my thoughts etc., and I've kind of gotten addicted to OneNote so something that supports it would be nice, but everything I've looked at has some dealbreaker or another (either too slow, too expensive, or the HP TouchSmarts apparently have a glossy screen that's not viewable in sunlight for example). 


    Actually, here are my requirements if anyone knows of something that meets them:

    * Around $800 or less

    * Runs a non-gimped PC operating system, preferably Windows

    * >=2GB RAM

    * >=5 hours battery life

    * Good support for both multitouch & stylus input, preferably with convertible keyboard

    * Usable in sunlight

    * 11-12"-ish screen


    I'm thinking nothing will qualify for another year or so.