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    W3bbo said:

    Tablets are overrated. Typing is much faster and accurate than handwriting; the only benefit you get are the ability to do doodles and illustrations, something you can do with a portable Wacom you plug-in as needed.

    I don't think you're getting the purpose of the Tablet PC. It's not to replace your PC or a laptop, it's a replacement of your dayplanner, and your printer, etc. Getting all of those into one place.


    I haven't printed anything in 5 1/2 years. If anyone sends me a Word doc at work in an email, I send it to my Tablet and Print to OneNote. BAM. There it is.


    I have TweetDeck on my Tablet, since I really don't need another thing open on my work computer, and only writing < 140 characters on the on-screen pen recognition is quick for a quick tweet.


    I have FeedDemon on my Tablet, this is only one way, reading, so no need for a keyboard, and again at workI don't need another thing open on my work computer.


    It's also good for reading. Just grab a txt file from Project Gutenberg like Moby Dick, open in Word, Export as a Reader doc, and BOOM you have a nice book to read just need to hit a button on the tablet and you're in portrait-mode.


    And I take the thing off the dock, and I'm taking it to the restaurant with me as I go to lunch, and the odds are they have free wireless.


    What Windows 7 is missing of course is an Education or Experience Pack...haven't heard a word yet on those.



    Here's mine, the Motion Computing LE1600. Not touch screen but the newer ones have that.

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