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    SlackmasterK said:
    contextfree` said:

    So I ended up ordering:


    So that fits your specs as well as mine Smiley  Except screen size.  Now you're looking at 4 times as much.

    Win7, bluetooth, 802.11 b/g/n, 5 hours...

    Been playing with the tablet for several days now. Very nice for the price.


    The only problem with inking is that sometimes when you release the stylus, the screen will think you suddenly swiped about 3mm down and to the left. Easy enough to fix with a quick undo.


    Would not suggest trying to use this thing with the stock 1GB RAM though; it's plenty slow enough.


    Runs well enough for basic productivity tasks, though I only use it for OneNote.


    Has dual cores, or something like them, but they're both about as fast as a retarded blind paraplegic turtle swimming upstream in molasses.  Comes with the Touch Pack, but barely able to run anything in it.  Far from smooth.


    Multitouch.  By multi, in this case, they mean two. But that's two more than my existing systems.


    Small SSD, but easy enough to work around by not installing software due to its slowness and by adding a 32GB SD card. Additional storage available via USB, so not stuck in the size of the drive.

    For reference: There is only one SODIMM slot, so I was right to buy a single 2GB SODIMM instead of two.  Apparently the maximum is 2GB, but I can't tell why.  They go up to 4GB.


    Keyboard is too small to use effectively, but laptop keyboards are rarely ideal - let alone tablets. I plug in an external.


    Small, light, convenient to use. Would buy again.