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    ManipUni said:
    SlackmasterK said:

    I can understand that. What are the avantages of a Tablet compared to paper and a pen? Would it save you time?

    When I was in school, there were plenty of times that I would have loved to have a tablet for notes. There were many times that I would have been taking notes and maybe would have drawn a graph on my paper, then finding out I made it too big to write more words next to it, then having to grab a new sheet or flip over to the other side and draw an arrow to my graph from the wording I had just written, etc. It would have been great to be able to just grab my drawing on the sheet of paper and resize it or move it over some without having to erase some.


    A tablet wouldn't have saved me any time, but it would have definitely made note taking more concise, and easier to read.