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    Bass said:
    Charles said:


    Ruby almost exclusively runs on Linux (for the server) and Mac (for the desktop) - both of which are major competitors to Windows. Both of which, with respect to Ruby, are better than Windows. It would be beyond stupid for Microsoft to open the door, ever so slightly, and allow its developers to get a glimpse at this better world.



    Interesting that you agree with the assessment. Smiley

    Well, I should have been more specific about the assessment (related to this thread and the demise of Iron languages at Microsoft)..... Obviously, I don't think about Linux as being a better server OS than Windows Server (I don't really think about this at all....)


    I am focusing only on the notion of the flawed strategy for Iron languages... The CLR is a statically-typed runtime. That's the first obvious problem. Second, it doesn't make a lot of sense to maintain mulitple implementations of the same language. With Azure, the tent will grow (why would you run and Iron version of a language on Azure when you could just use the language itself....).

    So, again, my agreement with the author is limited to basic premise surrounding the demise of Iron languages, not the platform politic$....

    You know my stance on this $tuff by now, right? I shouldn't have to defend myself. Smiley