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    Bass said:
    figuerres said:

    From the tone of your posts, it almost feels like you think I am insulting your programming ability. I don't know anything about your programming ability. Therefore, insulting it would be stupid and pointless really.


    No, if I was insulting you, I'd use something more visible. Like your complete lack of spelling or grammar skills. But see, that's the thing: I'm not trying to insult you. Besides, that would make me a grammar/spelling naazi[sic], and that's something I most certainly am not. I hate putting the effort sometimes to proofread random garbage I put on the Internet. So why would I tell other people to do so? I hate when people like to point out every little petty grammar rule I violated when I posted some angry diatribe anonymously over the Internets[sic]. So why would I decide to become one of these people? It just doesn't really make much sense.


    I'll just say it plainly: I was just trying to make a point. Unfortunately, that point was poorly expressed. It was poorly expressed because it seemed to go way over your head. It probably over most people's head, except maybe magicalclick. Although I am not sure he actually derived my point from all various rambling in this thread. So I apologise in advance for trying.

    Thank you.... and yes i was very confused at the way you were replying to the posts i made.