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    AndyC said:

    Well that's not actually what it says either. Rather that Jimmy is leaving and he was one of the last on the IronRuby team, which Microsoft may now decide to stop funding.


    Personally I've always seen Ruby as a bit of a fad and one whose day seems to have passed, I suspect there are better areas to focus development on.

    After spending about a year with RoR, I have to say that Rails is nice. I love ActiveRecord and I love how easy it is to scaffold an entire site from the command line. Works as an excellent prototyping tool.


    On the other hand, Ruby is crummy. So much effort has gone into making it easy to write stuff like 5.days.ago that it becomes harder to read code or to predict what a certain method will return. Granted, it isn't strongly typed, and that my negative attitude towards Ruby basically stems from not being able to guarantee a variable will be of a certain type and that to handle objects of unknown types, you need to call respond_to?(METHOD_NAME).


    I do have other issues with Ruby, which fall far more towards "By design." For example, I don't like how you can very easily modify the behavior of any class in Ruby from anywhere (including your source code). You don't like how the Time class spits out milliseconds...overwrite it in your source code. Yay, now some developer in your open source project who depends on millseconds for database operations will get confused.


    I remember spending several hours trying to debug my web application because I had accidentally overriden the *"type" class when I declared it as a field in a class. I had essentially made it do nothing, and any reference to the "*type" class blew up ruby.


    I will admit that it is nice using ruby on the command line. But for anything else...nah. It's not for me. Sad




    *It wasn't actually the "type" class. I can't remember what it was, but it actually wasn't something you'd expect to be a "reserved" word.