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View Thread: What would you do for MS?
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    Michael Butler said:

    If I could work at Microsoft, it would have to be Steve Ballmer's job. No point trying to work my way up Wink



    I know you're being facetious, but this is kinda my problem when it comes to working in a big company. (And unlike others I would like to work in a big company because I know I work best when others are around me.) But what would I actually DO for a big company?


    Technically I'm a dev, I have pretty good dev skills, but that's not what I'D bring to a company, it doesn't reflect my personal strengths.


    As a person, I bring ideas, like for everything. You want a feature? Sure, give me ten minutes and I'll give you a list of ideas; I'll even give you rough ideas on how to implement them, and how to gradually introduce them if they're a dramatic change. I've got a bit of a reputation for being a original (that's the polite term) thinker, even when I think I'm being pretty conservative.


    But in what job would an organization find that skill useful? Short of CEO? It's vexing that MS haven't written asking me to lead them, but what's a guy to do?