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View Thread: What would you do for MS?
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    Microsoft is fun to work at. I haven't been at building 1 in Silicon Valley - didn't even know that there's a building 1 down there - but our secretaries in building 34 are very nice. Always greet, smile and chat a bit with you. I like it.


    It's interesting that there's an idea of Microsoft being "a robot". Probably it's because the company is so big - and this is my personal opinion (as always) Tongue Out What I see is that we are rather a ton of small companies within one company. Small agile teams (at least in Azure, which is where I have visibility) working on interesting projects.


    So far, after 1 year in Redmond, I can say that it is really a dream job. I enjoy going to work and I work long hours because it's so much fun. Our team has startup mentality with a lot of people who want to build interesting things, thinking about simplifying APIs and interaction with software and how to make things open for everyone.