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    A few years ago I tried EVERYTHING in my power to work for Microsoft.  That company was where I wanted to be.  Well, I didnt get on.  No bitterness towards MS for that.  Well since then I have started my own business, doing good.  The years have been rocky to say the least.  I laughed, I cried and I have had some heart breaks.  Last night I was having drinks with 2 of my employees and friends and we were talking about the state of technology.  One of them is a Open Source purist who think MS is dead and not as important as they once were, I disagreed and he asked me if offered a job would I go work for Microsoft.


    I would


    Microsoft has always been my dream job.  Its one of those things that I know I will do, its on my bucket list.   Microsoft has always had interesting projects and they do interesting things.  To go work there now, they would have to buy out my business.  The state of my clients prevents me from just dropping everything.


    If you could work for MS, what would you want to do?  What department would you want to work in?