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    blowdart said:
    W3bbo said:

    Yes, but a few people with high salaries will skew the average.


    MS works with bands, and each band has it's own range. Moving up the lower bands (<62) is mainly a matter of exceeding expectations, but once you get to the level 63 hop it becomes a bit more challenging as your manager has to justify that leap to their peers. 63-64 needs skip level manager agreement, and again is justified with peers.  Mini microsoft has a good explanation/summary.

    Point taken, however it looks like the outliers are at the bottom, and that it really is a very well compensated position. If I restrict the salary search to between 0 and 3 years' experience, the minimum is $97k, when I seached for 10+ years experience, it rose to $107k.


    ...which leads me to believe that pay is not a function of seniority at MSR.