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    C732648723643 said:
    W3bbo said:

    That isn't that much money for the area.

    I know a few people from the mid-west or srilanka or something must be like, wow 100k, that's so much money in my currency.

    The reality is 100k, at least at the Mountain View campus, will probably buy you a down payment on a very small and sh*tty condo you will be paying for the next 30 years. You honestly need to make way more than that.


    I'm not singling out Microsoft here. 100k is the base for a lot of other tech companies that regularly hire programmers.


    What we need is to have these companies start letting people work from home, and only go to meetings once every 2 months.
    That way programmers could literally work for a company like Microsoft, but live in the mid-west or Tibet where their modest 100k/year would buy them something close to a mansion with an army of hired help if you consider the latter.


    It would seem that only very senior people, such as directors are allowed to teleconference into meetings at most companies, and that's sad.

    That should change. It would also change the economies in Redmond, and many places in California that depend on these people getting economically screwed because they live in those areas.

    Nice try, Beer;


    Anyway: the salaries are actually for the Redmond area. $100k a year for a late-20something is nothing to be sniffed at.