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e3 (gaming conference) what do you want to see?

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    hey folks-

    i'm going to e3, the gaming conference. what do you want to see or hear about. i plan to take some photos, videos and write some stuff up--

    it'll be posted here.

    so far i've heard folks want to hear about the new dev kit(s) and halo 2.

    more about e3 here:


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    Jeremy W

    Yeah, obviously we're talking besides dev kit, halo 2 and doom, right?

    I want to see some previews of the next XBox, and some game previews for it that actually show this beast off a little bit. I know it's early, but the other vendors'll be there doing their hardware thing and MS doesn't have a lot of 'real buzz' happening right now. It's all speculation buzz.

    So yeah, killer apps for xbox, killer apps for xbox 2... Oh, and of course an agreement with EA for games on XBox Live!!!

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    I would like to see the games Half-Life 2 and Black&White 2. I think they have very interesting concepts of gameplay and A.I.

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    I want to see only two things:

    1) The guys from Sports Interactive
    2) The news on the Rifts game/movie

    Everything else is secondary as I'll be there working

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    A great game for XBOX Live!

    64-bit enabled gaming!

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