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View Thread: C9 V5 is SLOOOOOOOOW
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    rjdohnert said:
    Sampy said:

    Gotta tell ya Sampy I love your new avatar.  Back on topic, I havent had any problems with the new release of C9 on either my Linux machines or my Windows machines.

    Allow me to return the compliment Baron vonZarovitch.


    As far as FluentNH goes, I enjoy that I can ditch the XML files. It was a bit of a pain as some of the features that I needed from NH weren't in Fluent yet but over time I think I've managed to either find another solution or Fluent has added the feature. I don't use the automappter though, I inherit from ClassMap. The model was evolving pretty rapidly at the time and we build the database schema from the NHibernate classes so I need to put all the index and string size info right on the mappings. I could probably do that with the automapper but I went with the easier solution for now.