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View Thread: Microsoft claims that it loves open source
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    Shining Arcanine

    Bass said:

    Wait what? Microsoft is trying to selfishly gain profit at the expense of the rest of the industry? They have a word for that I think. "Competition" Smiley


    Don't try to assign human qualities of purpose to public corporations. They all exist for only one purpose: accumulation of wealth.

    Talking about data portability, standards, etcetera is nice only when it is applied consistently. It is a truly vulgar to expect your competitors to adopt practices that help your business without reciprocation commitments.


    If Microsoft is serious about data portability, standards, etcetera, then it can start by modifying Microsoft Office to depreciate the current .docx format in favor of a standard implementation of OOXML. Microsoft can continue by making the DRM components of .NET available to the Mono project. Then Microsoft could depreciate Direct3D, DirectAudio, etcetera for their OpenGL, OpenAL, etcetera counterparts. Next Microsoft could modify the software for which it charges a fee that is separate from the cost of Windows to be available for the major UNIX-like operating systems and not dependent on any version of Windows. Such software would include things like Microsoft Office, Visual Studio, the games it publishes, etcetera and they would need to run under major Linux distributions, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Finally, Microsoft could produce versions of Windows for ARM processors.