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two things i really like about the media center pc..

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    here's a quick video of 2 features i really like about my media center pc. you can record a series with two presses of a button, most people don't seem to know this. you can insert a memory stick from a phone with pictures on it (it could also be any memory card format for digital cameras) and then you are able to see the picture. it's great when you have people over and you can pop your images in right away and show them on tv. technology is kinda useless unless you can share all goodness with your fellow human.

    this just an xp box too, so there are a lot of things to develop for- the sdk is fun to play with as well...

    the best part is making hello worlds and then using a remote control to play around with it.


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    I'm a System Builder, yet Microsoft will NOT sell me the OEM Software for WindowsXP Media Center. I build better machines then HP and Dell, support your local System Builder.

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