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    "Right now there's a faction war inside Microsoft over HTML5 vs Silverlight. oh and WPF is dead.. I kind of was..but now.. funeral."



    Is this guy is for real? (Former Product Manager (Silverlight/WPF) Microsoft Corp, UX Specialist)


    I guess that balancing healthy internal competition between teams vs benefits of cross fertilisation vs dealing with the * is never going to be an easy job.


    from the outside it looks simple-though - they all have to be developed further by MS. 


    But when we look back in x years we will see that WPF kind of fell by the wayside, Silverlight got marginalised and HTML5 won through as the mainstream web development platform.


    It kind of narls me to say the above as I believe that Silverlight has loads more potential, especially in the short term.


    In any event the best way forward, at least for now, is to commit to all 3 and continue the competition/cross fertilisation/* management process as best we can.


    Of course I have never run a conglomerate myself.