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    mawcc said:

    I really don't understand what "WPF is dead" should mean. Silverlight and WPF are basically the same technology (XAML + Code),  they just happen to run in different environments.  So what the guy probably wanted to say is ".NET desktop apps are dead", but that is clearly not the case.


    Regarding Silverlight and HTML5 I happen to agree with

    Silverlight has it's specific uses, and there it is currently a much better choice than HTML5.

    Use the right tool for the job at hand...


    That simple advice is timeless and generally always correct.


    This person does not work for Microsoft and therefore his musings are his own and are not representative of what Microsoft is doing/thinking/planning/etc.....


    There is nothing wrong the idea of Silverlight AND HTML5. 


    WPF only runs on Windows and provides more horsepower than Silverlight (like support for true 3D, access to the underlying system, etc...).


    Speculation may be fun, but it's generally a waste of time.


    Use the right tool for the job at hand...