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PlayTo and AirPlay

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    Yup, another topic about Apple and Microsoft.


    Windows 7 has the 'play to' functionality allowing you to stream to any DLNA capable device. Allowing you to play to your Xbox 360 , digital media frames, wireless spreakers (in theory).


    Here come apple with 'AirPlay' getting a lot of attention about how 'revolutionary' it is. And getting a lot of hardware partners.

    Am I missing something about Airplay? It's just the 'Apple DLNA' right? Who needs standards ?

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    Bigger thing about the standards which is being missed (or lack thereof)... DRM.


    While it is true that Windows 7 uses the same UPnP/DLNA mechanisms for play to that oodles of other UPnP/DLNA devices do... they had to invent their own DRM mechanism on top of it so as to allow the sharing of protected content... as the base standard doesn't cover this functionality.


    Given Apple already has a sizeable ecosystem build based around AirTunes (which is based on a wholly non-standard protocol), I think it's a safe bet that they will be extending it to support video content while keeping it protected... rather than doing what Microsoft did (implement the standard UPnP classes necessary, and then invent a DRM system on top of it).


    I'd love to be wrong... but very much doubt it... only time will tell though.


    It is a shame that the DRM aspects of UPnP sharing couldn't have been hammered out long ago so that we could all be playing together in the same one system, regardless of where content came from.

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