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View Thread: Windows Phone 7 RTM day one in Redmond ROCK FEST!!!
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    vesuvius said:
    elmer said:

    Surely that where Google Android comes in, litigation via Oracle withstanding?


    There is absolutely nothing that WP7 offers that Android does not at present, and it is aesthetically pleasing. I like the metro design, but the droids aren't exactly an eyesore. The multi-touch is fantastic, and the text rendering is gorgeous (something I'm still yet to be conviced about on Silverlight)


    Yes there is a greater developer-base for WP7, but what tools do hobbyists have to create WP7 applications?


    I think an expression blend express is long overdue, the longer a key component like that is unavailable for the bulk of developers and hobbyists, then the harder it will be to play catchup

    The developer tools for Windows Phone (which include Visual Studio Express 2010 for Windows Phone, XNA Games Studio 4, Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone, and the emulator) are free. You'll be able to download the final release of the tools this Thursday.



    Hobbyists may download and use those tools to develop apps for Windows Phone 7.

    For pros that already have the commercial SKUs of VS or Blend installed, app templates, documentation, etc. from that same download will be added to their existing installs.