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Making SVG useful for web design

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    Now that we'll be able to include inline SVG in markup with HTML5, I think there should be some additions to CSS to actually make SVG useful. For instance, being able to set the shape of a div element using a shape parameter:


    <div style="shape:url(#starburst)">Inner text here</div>


    Which, of course, could be be set in a stylesheet. Additionally, parameters that will allow the designer to determine how the inner text is layed out in accordance with the shape.


    For instance, a flow parameter, with the following options:


    flow:interior - flow of the text is confined to a rectangle defined by the inner space of the shape

    flow:contour - flow of the text contours the interior of the shape


    <div style="shape:url(#circle); flow:contour">Contoured text</div>


    Additionally, if a floated div is set to a certain shape, and the adjacent div has an undefined shape with a flow:contour, the edge would be contoured to the shape in the first div.


    <div style="shape:url(#circle); float:left;">Circle text</div><div style="flow:contour">Contoured text</div>


    A second possible CSS parameter would be shaping the text's baseline to a path or to paths that contour a shape's interior.


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    I believe the inner text should be defined using "path", instead of shape.


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