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Windows Server 2003 vs. Small Business Server 2003

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  • Dennis Grinberg

    Assuming (yeah, I know why it is bad to do so) that we don't plan on being anywhere near 75 users in the next few years, is there a reason to buy Server 2003 when SBS 2003 can be purchased for a similar price?

    We are in an environment with several servers already; will SBS play well with others?

    What am I missing?

  • GooberDLX

    SBS 2003 brings a WHOLE set of features and services outside of Win2k3 Server

    SBS 2003 is based on the 2003 Server platform.. with built in SharePoint, Exchange, ISA Server (Premium), Active Directory, RRAS Server (Routing), Front Page (Premium), SQL Server 2000 (Premium)

    Basically.. its a dream come true for the price.. but if you already have other servers handling things, it may be more wise to go the Windows 2003 server route..

    What are you planning on doing with the "server" itself?


  • DJDave

    It's important to note one other restriction of the SBS2003 product -- it HAS to be the first server in the domain forest, and you're restricted to one forest. No domain trusts are available in SBS2003.

  • GooberDLX

    YES! Very good point!


  • eagle

    SBS is for 75 "users" or less, the premium edition includes Windows Server 2003, SQL 2000, Exchange 2003, FrontPage 2003, and IIS 6. Its a great deal for a small business.
     I'm a reseller and System Builder, I'd be glad to help you aquire a copy. I can build you a Server as well, better then Dell or HP so you can "consolidate" those other servers.    

  • E-bitz

    If you can live with the limitations ....why would you want Windows 2003?

    You can have backup domain controllers, member servers, you name it.

  • E-bitz

    You just make those other servers be members of SBSk23.

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