magicalclick said:
BitFlipper said:

Can you be a bit specific? Which one is the garbage? float fps? or + fps.ToString("F2")?


fps is typically from a global variable anyway.

and fps.ToString("F2") is released right after the line ends.

if your float fps is in a method, it is released right away also.


And none of them has anything to do with garbage. Isn't garbage only exists when you have class object? like car carObj = new car();

Anyway, you can manually release obj too, just like C++. I am not expert on this, but, I remember they just say you shouldn't do it too often.


The float is a value type so it is not a problem in this case. But calling float.ToString() allocates a string, which is a ref object. You say fps.ToString() is released right after the line ends. Released to where? This has everything to do with garbage.