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Interview with XNA Team

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    aL_ said:

    when will xna have better support for dx11 and windows programming? i realize xna is mostly for xbox but it seems so strange to not support the latest (or even second latest) version of the graphics framework of the largest gaming platform in the world Tongue Out

    phones will also get more advanced capabilities soon..


    in general i think microsoft should market directx more agressivly to developers, and xna is agreat way to do that 

    (more directx/xna content/tutorials on c9 would also be awsome btw Smiley


    also, major BUMP on @bas's question on kinect support Wink 

    Yeah this. XNA only has DX9 right now. Time to support DX11.

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    Not sure if it's too late to add another question, but I just remembered this:

    The WP7 version of XNA does not allow you to provide a custom shader program. Why is that? As far as I can see the hardware is shader-based. Are there any plans to improve this in future versions?

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