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    jamie said:
    intelman said:

    **bulletin ***   the back button is clip art from 1992 and is cut off ****




    I actually kinda like the back button appearance...  it's unique.


    My thoughts:



    * I love IE's approach to site-specific browsers (pinning to start menu or creating desktop shortcuts).  Recoloring the navigation buttons is a nice visual cue to tell which window belongs to which site (and it's very Win7-ish).  C9 needs a large pixel icon for the taskbar Wink

    * Performance and seems very good, from the little bit that I've used it.  Seems that IE has managed to get out of the performance rut they were in.  Big + for IE9:  No more "loading" when I create a new (blank) tab.

    * On the performance note, I love how IE detects which add-ins are causing IE to be slow to start up; slow startup is one of the big reasons I've avoided IE in the past.  Unfortunately for Microsoft, most of the slow add-ons I disabled were Microsoft add-ons.  Get your act together, people!

    * I like the minimal UI--  Pretty much everything I'll ever need is available under the one Tools menu.  This is very Chrome-ish.




    * Font rendering is really crappy (worse than WPF for some cases).  Most fonts look okay (Segoe UI looks perfectly normal), but some fonts look atrocious.  Unfortunately for Microsoft, common Arial 12pt (probably the most common font combo on the web) looks horrible.

    * Single row address bar and tabs.  To give enough room for a usable number of tabs, I have to shrink the address bar so much that there's not much readable content in the address.  Plus, there's a potential security issue here:  since, on every website I've visited so far, the end of the domain name is not visible, there's no way (except to click the field, and arrow through or drag to scroll) to tell the difference between, say, and .  All I see is "http://arstechnic..." in the address field (this is at slightly wider than the default width).

    * Combined search and address bar.  Why do privacy and search suggestions have to be mutually exclusive?  This is stupid.

    * Compatibility.  I'll give them a pass on this for now (it's the first day, and lots of sites detect browsers improperly).  But when the browser doesn't work in Microsoft's own developer forums (i.e. here), it doesn't bode well.  It especially doesn't bode well that it fails inconsistently.


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