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    Shining Arcanine

    sbc wrote:
    The information I got was quite a while ago, and I can't seem to find the source. This extremetech article compares GCN and XBox (I think most agree that PS2 is the lowest spec of all 3 consoles)

    Specs from official sites.
    PS2 -
    GCN -
    XBox - no detailed specs found, information on

    Another performance sheet - - Xbox seems to come out on top (although it is really an Xbox focused site anyway).

    PC games should really be the better than console games as monitors (and GPU's?) are capable of much higher resolution and quality than TV's. I wonder what games on Longhorn would be like, and will XBox 2 or 3 be based on Longhorn technology like Avalon?

    233 MHz custom-designed chip, developed by Microsoft and nVidia

    It might have a few modifications but I recall reading that it is a GeForce 3, which would make sense as it is less expensive to adjust an existing chip than it is to make one from the ground up.

    162 MHz Custom chip "Flipper"

    A developer leak indicates that Nintendo likes to underspec their products when they are really superior to what they said they are (Nintendo said 6-12 million polygons, devs leaked that it was 25+ million). I recall reading somewhere that it was a Radeon 8500 which would make sense as ATI accquired the company that had the rights to Flipper.

    XBox is Windows 2000, the next version is probably going to be the latest Microsoft has avaliable although I thought Avalon was only suited to be a GUI.

    Regarding PC games, I doubt they will ever have the user experience consoles give as consoles are meant to specialize while PCs are meant for general functions  (although the User Experience could be much better even through it is a general platform). So I doubt they be "better" anytime in the foreseeable future.

    By the way, regarding PC monitors, my Dell Trinitron's picture quality doesn't come close to my TV which I have setup as a clone of the picture displayed on the Dell monitor. That is regarding video, text is blurry on my TV.