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"RedHat Rolls out Linux Desktop Software" Huh???

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    This article claims that Red Hat has "Rolled Out" desktop software,doesn't that mean that you can go out and buy a copy?

    It's not rolled out until it's in cellophane and on store shelves,which will be????

    ~ Knute

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    It says nothing really.  Just a press release.

    The only thing that disturbs me is I wonder where on earth Red Hat are going strategy wise.  In the last couple of releases, Red Hat seems to have gone in about 50 different directions with Red Hat Enterprise, Fedora, Red Hat Desktop, etc.  I certainly don't trust Red Hat at the moment and if looking for a Linux solution I'd recommend looking at the other vendors.

    However, there was something on that link which made me think, "wow, this is fantastic.  The future.  I can see that this is going to be revolutionary".  But that's enough about that picture of Paulina Rubio at the bottom of that page!  Smiley

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    I think it says: "Red Hat Inc. said on Tuesday that it will roll out a Linux operating system for desktop computers."

    Besides I'm not sure Xinhua News Agency really is a source I would trust in any case.


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    I just thought is was funny that on the Google news home page the headline that caught my attention was:

    ">">Red Hat rolls out Linux OS for desktop computers"

    But as Lars pointed out, in the text of the article it says that it "will". I just think this is really bad journalism but of course you have to consider the source.

    ~ Knute

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    Red Hat will sell the desktop version as an annual subscription that includes support and software updates through the Red Hat Network. But it won't sell them individually, instead offering 50-computer subscriptions for $3,500 annually--about $70 per PC per year. (CNET Article)

    In other words, don't look for it on a shelf anytime soon...

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    Jeremy W

    Ouch, 70$ is less than Sun's offering, but Sun's offering would appear to (at the outset) be more substantial as well. Red Hat would be smart to expand their partnership with Dell, though, and offer deep discounts for hardware as well in order to be able to compete with Sun's offering, as that's where they're obviously positioning themselves.

    Interesting move, it'll be good to watch Smiley

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