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A bug that just might kill you

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    Jeremy W

    ps: I really should say that I'm enjoying this discussion, because it's making me thinking Wink

    Feel free to keep it up, as you might just hit on something which could save us serious time and effort Smiley

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    Thank you Jeremy. I'm glad that someone has a more balanced view of the world and can see more shades than just black and white.

    The real world involves more than technology. It's economics, politics, psychology and alot more. And the knowledge and skill of an engineer all too often have to give in to the whims and comfort of a Pointy Haired Manager.

    The manager wants a laptop? You veto it? Sorry dude, you're right - but you're also fired...

    I don't expect too much understanding of this post either. Some things need to be experienced first hand. They just can't be explained.
    Computer Science litterature can teach you a great deal of things. A couple of years in the trenches teach you what they forgot to mention in College.


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    A hospital can be pretty hard to maintain, but how about a WAN that covers many GP surgeries, clinics and nursing staff across a large area (i.e. a county)? Would SUS work (without causing disruption) over a 4MB connection to dozens of seperate sites (with 256k connections).

    That is why there is the National Programme for IT for the NHS in the UK - to get PC's and infrastructure up to spec and able to handle centralised health care records. A very ambitious project that also has to take into account  Hospitals as well as GP surgeries - probably the largest of it's kind in the world (the NHS is one of the largest employers in the world as well).

    More information can be found at:

    You can follow the progress through vnunet:

    Smart cards for every NHS employee as well (will be very convenient - no need to remember passwords, and you could use it throughout the country).

    What is also interesting about this is that both Microsoft and Sun are trying to get a deal with the NHS - if Sun get it, it could be a major blow to Microsoft (proving that there are viable alternatives to Windows and Office on a major scale).

    I wonder what will be the healthcare desktop of the future? Could be very different to desktops in the private sector.

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    Jeremy W

    Actually we're about to become a regional identity. When we do the services that we're architecting today will become the regional platform for tomorrow.

    Certainly not as large as the NHS.

    It's funny that you mention the NHS because I was pursuing them before Microsoft. I love England. Worked there for a year doing major Y2K stuff. Would have loved to have done major IT in Healthcare stuff.

    Ah well, maybe in my next life.

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