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    Beer28 wrote:
    I hate to break it to you jamie, OSS isn't an app Bill Gates or whatever can make into "Microsoft's", OSS and FOSS are a software model a person or company can implement on one or all of their software creations.

    It's about sharing the source with all purchasers, and FOSS is about a community repository of software, where the community is your world  community of neighbours. OSS is about sharing it with all your customers, large and small, not just those that apply for "shared source" licensing and have X millions in assets and appear in fortune magazine and sign NDA's so they can never help out one of their own friends or partners.

    OSS is about sharing source with all customers, and FOSS is about the same, except your customers are everyone, since it's free.

    So it's not something Microsoft can ever control or take possession of as you've suggested several times.

    I think you forgot, "It's the future!!"