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View Thread: Whats up with MSDN Search????
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    I realise that, just tossing out ideas..

    more from above post re:

    i realize for regular blogs and search its next to impossible - except to grab like the first letter of what ever comes in and alphabetize that..

    really - it would need good databases - to make sure common things like all albums books words etc would work with it.

    In a perfect world - you'd have a Search alphabet component - and get partners on board that had big databases in specialized categories.

    so it might be words like:  word(s) - powered by meriam webster, movie(s) - powered by blockbuster, music - powered by cdnow .. etc.

    the core idea is trying to put a new yet natural spin on search,, to me - i went.. i want this all in order, and i dont want irelivant listings for the most important one word categories - ie; moviews - i want every movie released - not bobs star trek fan site.

    the other part is that you could theoretically have NO ads.. as the partners are ads ( sort of) and you make them pay you and make them provide results in very very simple googlesque form - ya grab a percent of any clicks as well - or sales or what have you
    - but there isnt a side bar of paid links..

    i guess the hard part would be communicating to users what happens when you type:


    basically alphabet bar would need to be designed to work on any one word input - so how do you communicate to use what words have been done..

    * dont forget - you could search regular like now as well

    just ideas

    *ps - googles ad sence relies on an outdated view of ads

    all ads in the future will BE the content
    just move on that front and you will win

    (as usual) Wink