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View Thread: OT: Comcast Fires ENTIRE TechTV Staff
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    I know I should just not respond to him. You have to love they way "some people" feel everyone needs to agree with them . I understand that some people are not going to agree with me and thats fine.

    I will save Submariner the trouble of his next mac fanboy trolling for a fight post and just post his usual bs for him.


    Seriously  I’m Submariner and I have to break topic since you don’t seem to share the same exact feelings as me. Let me be a troll and not keep it on topic, you know since I don’t agree with your opinions I will pull a old apple bait and switch and ask what is your problem here? All of your posts seem to bash Macs and/or Leo Laporte and I Submariner can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t share my feelings. Since you don’t share my feelings I Submariner must ask if you have any intelligent information to add to the conversation at all? Since again you must not if all you don’t see eye to eye with me.  Even when i Submariner ask you to take the squabble off-board, you must agree with me or I will send you a Submariner sized email with no paragraphs and make personal attacks on you. I won’t keep it short because I have no life in the navy and I’m just a mac trolling around for window users to pick a fight with. I don’t even use windows as you can see from my mac fanboy webpage. Let me change the subject of this thread and bring up a post you made a month back Here's a few questions I will pose to you: Why do you consistently bash Macs (since I love them soo much I can’t understand how you may not like them as much as me. Le me not ask you in  a personal insult email and ask you on this forum  What do you do for a living, this will give me Submariner a chance to change the subject even more? You know since you don’t agree with my Submariner opinion Can you provide any credibility to support your accusations? I fully understand they are opinions but let me ask you to defend your feelings since you are on Submariner trail and can’t give your opinion without notarized proof. and finally, Why can't you accept that people, EVEN people at Microsoft, use Macintosh Computers on a daily basis, and quit your whining, again you must feel just like me or I will write a long winded apple fanboy post without the use of any paragraphs. Yes using paragraphs is way too much work and even though I’m one of the few people who fail to use paragraphs I will keep doing things my way and you need to defend your claims that paragraphs are worth doing. You know I’m always right because I’m Submariner the complete idiot mac fanboy.