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View Thread: WinHec keynote video now posted
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    Give them a chance and your probably find they'll use meta data from the applications to automatically place these links in virtual folders in the start menu Smiley

    Must admit that video is probably one of the best I've seen in ages, longhorn is looking good for the stage of development it's in at the moment. God only knows what it's going to be like at RTM stage Smiley

    Thank god thou they have gotten rid of that sodding dog in the search window.. hopefully it was by a one way trip to the vets!.. anyway glad to see that even by postponing WinFS the search ability in windows is going to improve (and it's appears this is search is a lot more scalable with it searching other machines to!)..

    All we need now is for it to be release to C9 community for testing.... can't wait to see the final product.

    Btw do any of you know if there are any more videos from Winhec going to be available? Being in the UK is a real pain when you want to attend these conferences and can't Sad