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    HAHA give me a frigging break! The KDE and Gnome menu's are the crappiest knock offs and half working developments since the beginning of the start menu design... MS had it first gnome and kde copied and its still horrendous to work with. So dont get me started with that....

    As for the LH start menu its still under major development! The fact is that the ability for such a simple run is just that easy u type 2 letters and press enter and its there... incase you dont feel like clicking through a menuwhich in some cases like me i would love this!... The run menu is actually probably goingto be removed but as we all know since this is a MS site and not a bunch of linux/osx fanboys that lh is still PRE Beta1 and 70% of the operating system isnt done so stop critiqueing. Whats the last GUI thing that gnome did that was original... i mean really... i have yet to see 1 thing be innovated on linux gui for desktop. No its always windows and osx... but windows gets all the criticism cause there the largest god its annoying.